About Us

Spotlight Family Office Group is a collaborative global platform serving the family office and partnering communities. The Spotlight Family Office Group consists of family offices, private investors, alternative investment professionals, asset managers, issuers and sponsors, thought leaders, philanthropic organizations, service professionals, and luxury brand companies. Our mission is to integrate what we believe to be a fragmented ecosystem. At Spotlight Family Office Group, we accomplish our mission through technology, in-person events, and personalized one-on-one introductions.

Finding quality deal flow is one of the biggest challenges currently facing family offices in a vast global setting. Rest assured: we prefer quality over quantity. Our in-house committee carefully vets each opportunity we introduce.

Navigating complex and diverse industries can be challenging even for seasoned professionals. We created Spotlight Councils to illuminate your path. You are welcome to join selected thought leaders and industry-specific experts as they meet to educate, discuss, and explore opportunities within varied sectors.

Spotlight Allies highlights the kind of quality consultants and service providers that family offices seek. Spotlight Family Office Group’s relationships with best-in-class professionals will be made available to the Spotlight community, with the certitude that these talents and skillsets can enhance your organization. 

We are an abundant community, with many of us donating generously to philanthropic causes.  However, the myriad of choices can be challenging. ShareLight was developed to assist you in selecting charitable engagements. Our philanthropic opportunities are of the highest quality, and you will feel at ease knowing where, why, and how your donations are being utilized. 

Regardless of the scope of your relationship with Spotlight Family Office Group, we approach all our decisions with our clients’ needs at the forefront. It is our privilege to be of service to you.