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The Safety and Convenience of Flying Private with Verijet

Verijet is the safest and most convenient way to fly short haul today. Passengers can choose to fly from smaller local airports and private FBOs that are closer and vastly less congested. You go from your vehicle to your plane, no lines, no TSA. Verijet flies direct routes between airports saving significant time. You can get to your destination and back home in one day – a fraction of the time you’d spend with a commercial airline. Passengers can choose their departure schedule. The whole plane is dedicated to you and your traveling party. No strangers. Verijet offers JetCards and Founders Cards that offer even more convenience and services.

Verijet is one of the safest ways to fly today. All Verijet’s aircraft are SF50 Vision Jets. Which is the safest aircraft available today. It has won two awards for safety due to the technology like Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) and the Safe Return emergency autoland system. Vision Jet features integrated safety systems to help enhance the flight experience. Verijet gets consistent feedback from passengers about how safe they feel and how smooth the flight is.