Fresh Rx

Our Mission:

Fresh Rx aims to address nutritional inequality through innovative food programs that provide both education and access to fresh healthy produce, while also supporting local family-owned farms that use organic growing practices and contribute to the success of our regional food systems. 

Our Programs:

Farm to Kids

Farm to Kids is a curriculum-based STEM-inspired professionally led interactive program designed to teach healthy eating practices to youth at an early age while reinforcing what is learned throughout the academic school year. Farm to Kids’ professionally designed curriculum aims to address knowledge-based deficits about nutrition and health among youth and teens. We complement the curriculum with hands-on experiences in planting, growing, and harvesting fresh produce using organic practices. The program also builds on the skills children learn in the garden by bringing the produce they’ve grown into the kitchen or cafeteria to gain hands-on food preparation experience. The goal of the program is to empower children to make healthier food choices and improve their daily nutrition habits not only at the garden site but at home as well. 

Farm to Patient

Farm to Patient is a fresh produce prescription program, launched by Fresh Rx to fill the absence of affordable healthy organic produce for low-income patients recovering from health-related issues. Understanding the well documented link between one’s health and consuming healthy food; and that un and underinsured individuals often lack access to healthy foods, Fresh Rx offers this program to youth and adults impacted by cancer, heart disease, or neurological disorders. Farm to Patient ensures that immuno-compromised and nutritionally vulnerable patients with limited-to-no financial resources have access to healthy foods.