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Dec 14 th
2:00 PM EST
Sid Desai
Co-Founder and CEO
December 14, 2022
2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Please join Rocket VR Health and it’s co-founder and CEO for an exclusive webinar.

In the next 3 years AR/VR devices will reach 100 million users and transform many industries including mental health. A shortage of behavioral health providers has made mental health treatments expensive and inaccessible.

Rocket VR Health is developing immersive mental health platform using this highly interactive medium that is more engaging and scalable than conventional mobile digital health therapeutics.

Rocket VR Health’s co-founder Sid Desai will talk about how the company is planning to provide the most engaging and effective way for people to improve their mental health using immersive virtual reality therapeutic experiences and programs.

About Rocket VR Health:

Rocket VR Health is a digital health platform that offers virtual reality therapeutic experiences and programs. We are transforming the mental health treatment landscape by offering immersive live support groups, interactive mindfulness meditations and evidence-based therapy programs. Our vision is to provide the most engaging and effective way for people to improve their mental health and wellbeing by leveraging proven therapeutic interventions enhanced by the power of virtual reality.


  • Traction: Built first product, started 2 clinical studies, completed 2 accelerators, closed a partnership with the #1 research hospital in the world and 2 other leading research hospitals.
  • Differentiators: Growing content library of meditations and mental health programs based on proven treatments, proprietery experience personalization engine and VR biofeedback meditation features that offer a better way to meditate that what is available today.
  • Team: Ex META developer, Hollywood Creative Director, founder with past digital health exit, Harvard doctors and Sony Gaming executive

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